Collectibles stolen from 10-year-old dog attack victim


Hunter Kilbourn was mauled by two pit bulls last August while playing at the home of a friend in Antioch. The 10-year-old suffered injuries that required over 100 stitches. He's undergone surgeries and treatments to his head, face, and arms.

Hunter's family said pro wrestling has helped him cope with the tough recovery. One of his prized possessions was an autographed book and poster he received from the WWE.

Last week, the collectibles disappeared. Hunter's mother, Melody Ralls, said they were stolen by a family friend and then sold on Craigslist.

"Hunter is devastated," Ralls said. "He is so sad. He doesn't understand why someone would do that to him. And why someone would take something from him that was such a big part of his recovery. And still is. And he still does have a few more surgeries to go. And that book is just a part of his healing process. It's not just a book to us. It's really special."

Ralls has filed a police report, but has not pressed charges.

She just wants the person who purchased the items on Craigslist to return them.

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