Sonoma County supervisor takes stand in peeking trial


"There is no excuse, there's no reasonable explanation," Carrillo said. "I am embarrassed by it, I'm ashamed by it. It was my sense of arrogance and entitlement. Call it narcissism or call it whatever you want."

Carrillo checked into an alcohol treatment facility after the incident. But prosecutor Cody Hunt said that does not excuse his actions.

The supervisor admitted that, uninvited, he went into the yard of a neighbor known as Jane Doe hoping for sex at 3:30 a.m.

He looked at her back door, he broke the screen and blinds of her bedroom window while carrying a camera phone, he opened a side gate, and went into the backyard trying to her attention.

Hunt: "You admit you were trying to get her attention, right?"
Carrillo: "Yes."
Hunt: "You admit you stuck your hand through her bedroom window, right?"
Carrillo: "Yes."
Hunt: "And you admit you looked into her house, right?"

In closing, Carrillo's attorney Chris Andrian argued that the jury must acquit due to the lack of direct evidence. Further, he said, it's irrelevant to the law that Supervisor Carrillo was "acting like a knucklehead with a strange woman."

The accused supervisor told the court he has been remorseful since the moment he was arrested.

"I realized that alcohol had caught up to me," he said. "I realized I had been caught with my pants down."

Caught with his pants down. Supervisor Carrillo told the court, he owns that.

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