Mother fatally stabs 1-year-old child at Del Valle

In Livermore a 23-year-old distraught mother stabbed her 1-year-old girl to death at Del Valle Regional Park.
April 26, 2014 12:00:00 AM PDT
In Livermore Saturday morning a mother stabbed her child to death at Del Valle Regional Park.

Alameda County Sheriff's deputies say a 23-year-old suicidal mother stabbed her child to death after trying to kill herself. They haven't said when the violence occurred or what type of weapon was involved.

The police chief says they have the mother in custody and she is being held without bail.

It began around 10:30 a.m. off Arroyo Road near the dam about a mile from the Wente Vineyards Golf Club. Investigators say the woman was suicidal and came to the park with her 1-year-old daughter and no one else. She apparently was distraught and stabbed her child.

The woman's name has not been released, but she may be from the South Bay.

Police will be at the scene for several more hours conducting an investigation. Most of the park is still open while the investigation continues.