3 baby owls fell out of nest, reunited with parents


The three Great Horned Owl nestlings came into the humane society's care on April 12, when a ranger in a San Mateo County park fond them at the bottom of a tree, humane society officials said.

While it is widely believed that birds will reject their young if they can smell humans on them, this is generally not true and re-nesting birds where possible provides the best possible care, humane society spokesman Scott Delucchi said.

Volunteers placed the three owlets in a nest near where they were found on Thursday April 17 and played recordings of owlets' cries on a loudspeaker, Delucchi said.

The parents were seen flying around the tree that night, and by the following day volunteers had confirmed they were actively caring for the owlets again.

Great Horned Owls hatch in March and April, and tend to stay with their parents until they are ready to start breeding, around December. Caring for them by hand in a rehabilitation facility requires months of intensive effort, Delucchi said.

The PHS has also re-nested other birds this season including wrens, hummingbirds, a European starling and a house finch, he said.

Residents who find an animal and are wondering if it needs human help should call (650) 340-7022 x314.

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