Jury acquits Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carillo


Carrillo admitted to a drunken mistake last July.

"I never meant any harm. You know, I made a terrible mistake. A terrible lapse of judgment," he said.

Carrillo was charged with peeking into the apartment of a neighborhood woman he hardly knew at 3:30 a.m. Police arrested him wearing only his undershorts and socks. He was charged with a misdemeanor.

"I don't see this case going to court with any other citizen, under these circumstances," said Defense attorney Chris Andrian.

Andrian never argued to the jury that Carrillo acted like a model citizen that night, only that the jury should follow the law.

"Where is it that he peeked? Did he peek in through a glass door that we have no idea what it looked like? Did he peek through Venetian blinds that he can't see through?" said Andrian.

After the jury's verdict, Carrillo let the emotion flow. Since the arrest, he has admitted to being an alcoholic and checked himself into a treatment facility.

"Nothing lessons the sorrow I feel today for the pain I caused the woman who was my neighbor. The pain I've caused my family. The pain I've caused friends and the people who elected me to office," said Carrillo.

Many have lost faith in this once rising political star.

"Well, as a human being, I think I've learned a lot about the human condition. Learned a lot about compassion and that I should be held accountable for my conduct and my behavior," he said.

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