Teen boy recalls how he saved his siblings after family was gunned down in Mexican drug cartel attack

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Monday, November 11, 2019
Hero teen walked miles for help after family gunned down in Mexico
The 13-year-old who hid his siblings during the attack is telling his story.

A teenage boy who hid his siblings during an ambush and walked 14 miles to get help when nine members of his family died in a cartel attack in Mexico last week is still coming to terms with what happened.

Devin Langford, 13, and his dad, David, spoke to ABC News about the deadly attack in an emotional reveal.

Devin said he walked by himself for several hours to get help, not knowing if the gunmen were after him next or if he would even find anyone to help.

"To be honest with you, my boy's a hero simply because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters," David said.

Devin said the gunmen first attacked Cristina Langford's car in front of them and then shot at Devin's family's car when they drove up.

"It felt real scary, it felt like a lot of bullets," Devin said. "They just started hitting the car first, like with a bunch, a bunch of bullets. Just started shooting rapidly at us."

Devin believes one of the bullets hit the car's engine, making it so his mother could not keep driving.

"She was trying to pray to the lord and she was trying to start the car up to get out there," Devin said. "I'm pretty sure they shot something so the car wouldn't even start."

His mother, Dawna, and two younger brothers, Trevor and Rogan, died in the ambush attack. The family thinks they were shot at by sicarios - hitmen for the drug cartel.

Devin wants the world to remember his mother as a nice person and a brave woman who tried to save her kids.

David wants others to make sure they never take loved ones for granted.

"My message is to hold on to your family because there's nothing like family," David said.

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