Officials beef up security for San Diego's annual Comic-Con event

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGO) -- Authorities are beefing up security in downtown San Diego for Comic-Con International which is being held on Thursday.

The massive pop-culture event is expected to attract at least 130,000 people.

There has been no specific threat made against the convention, but authorities decided to take extra precautions in light of the July 4 terror alerts issued by the federal government.

"When people come to Comic-Con, it's very exciting for them, they become very consumed with all the sights and costumes, they become very focused on that and sometimes they forget abut their own safety. So when you're out on the streets or in the convention center be aware of your surroundings," Lt. Paul Connelly said.

Police advise attendees to keep their personal property safe and secure and to report anything suspicious.
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