Waffle House teams up with Georgia brewing company to release bacon-infused beer

GREENSBORO, Ga. (KGO) -- Do you like bacon? How about beer?

If the answer is yes to both, then you might like this concoction.

The popular restaurant chain Waffle House is teaming up with a Georgia brewing company to make a bacon-infused beer.

It is a red ale cleverly named "Bacon and Kegs."

Oconee Brewing Company says the ale is dark red in color, with 6.5% abv. The company describes the brew as "malty sweetness of the base beer blends perfectly with the salty, savory, and smoky bacon extract."

It supposedly even smells like bacon and not surprisingly the companies suggest pairing it with breakfast foods, or as a stand-alone.

The beer will be available starting December 18 through the Oconee Brewing Company.
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