Will Clipper cards be good for tourists?

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It's one thing to fork over $3 for a Clipper card if one is a regular BART rider, but what about those who only ride occasionally? Like tourists, just visiting the Bay Area for a short time. Or the local who only uses BART a few times a year to get to say a concert or the ballpark.

By next year all of them will also have to buy a Clipper card, but BART reminds folks, it's still worth it-- even for a short stay.

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As it is now, paper tickets come with a 50 cent surcharge for each trip, so even a tourist who pays for a Clipper card would come out even after just six trips on BART.

And of course, the Clipper card can also be used on buses, ferries and other mass transit options throughout the Bay Area.

"It's so much easier than keep buying tickets and stuff like that and you can go anywhere, so an extra $3 goes a long way I think," said Andrew Kachkouche, who was boarding the BART extension at Oakland International Airport.

BART admits it may be confusing for a time, but expects most people will get on board in no time.

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"I imagine if someone is just landing from another town, it could be kind of confusing," said Tamar Enoch, another BART rider boarding the train at the airport. "Like it's not clear if they buy one at the stand or whatever, but I think if they have signs or people...it could probably work."

BART officials say their goal is to eliminate paper tickets altogether by the end of 2020.
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