Crowds flock to Pacifica for fireworks, cooler weather ahead of 4th of July weekend

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Friday, June 30, 2023
Early preps underway in Pacifica ahead of 4th of July weekend
Whether it be for fireworks or just to escape the heat, preparations for the Fourth of July weekend are off to an early start in Pacifica.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Preparations for the Fourth of July weekend are off to an early start in Pacifica.

At one local fireworks stand, they tell us that while the first few days of sales are normally slow, this year is proving different.

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"But we've actually had really, really good uptake this year even in the first two days," said John Beckmeyer.

Every year, hundreds of visitors come to Pacifica to celebrate the fourth.

It's one of only a handful of places in the Bay Area where you can buy safe and sane fireworks.

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"These are not the things that generally upset the police department, fire department. These are generally smaller, ground effect type things," Beckmeyer said.

Shawn Green and his family bought a number of fireworks for their Independence Day celebrations.

In Pacifica, all of the fireworks stands are run by local nonprofits who use the money raised for their causes.

All the more reason, Green says, to shop in town.

"We're fortunate here that Pacifica has a number of different firework stands that support different places within Pacifica," Green said.

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But fireworks aren't the only thing expected to bring people to the coast this weekend.

As temperatures heat up to as high as the triple digits in some parts of the Bay Area, many people are expected to head to the beach here in Pacifica to stay cool.

Jayson Summers drove in from Richmond to have a beach day on Thursday.

He says as the heat turns up in the East Bay over the coming days, he thinks more people will likely make the drive over to find some relief.

"Places like here, downtown San Francisco, all over those places, everyone goes to the beach as soon as it gets like over 75 degrees," Summers said.

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