Downed tree narrowly misses home in San Jose

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Downed tree in San Jose was tagged for removal
A couple of trees came down during the rainstorm early this morning in the South Bay. One fell on a minivan in Los Altos Hills, another came down in San Jose. No injuries have been reported.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A couple of trees came down during the rainstorm early this morning in the South Bay.

One fell on a minivan on Byrd Lane in Los Altos Hills. Another came down on Taylor Street in San Jose. Residents say they knew the tree was dead but were still shocked the storm caused it to fall.

"It was windy enough, but I didn't think the tree would come down. I knew it was dead, but still, I am surprised. Now I am concerned about all of them," said Chris Huber, who lives in the back unit of the townhouse where the tree fell.

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The city of San Jose responded on November 13 to a complaint about the dead tree. City Arborist Russ Hansen says the inspector declared it dead and they sent a notice to the homeowner to remove it. One option for the homeowner is to have the city handle it and pay the city for the services. Hansen says this homeowner selected that option. The city then hired a contractor on December 6 to take down the tree. The contractor had not done the job yet.

No one was hurt when the tree fell. A large branch landed on an SUV parked on the street, but the windshield did not crack and the hood does not look dented. But it did create inconveniences.

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"The neighbor is blocked. You can't get out. My power is gone the cable is gone and it can't be restored until that tree is gone," said Huber.

There are several huge mushrooms around the tree. Hansen says that is an outward sign of root rot. He says if they had been there when they inspected the tree, they would have made the removal a higher priority. The mushrooms just surfaced in the last week or so according to residents.

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