Bernie Sanders campaigns in Bay Area ahead of Tuesday's California primary

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- California's primary is just one day away and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are making final pushes in the Bay Area.

Bernie Sanders held his first Bay Area event Monday morning in Emeryville, which was a media-only news conference.

He criticized Donald Trump, saying it is "incomprehensible" that the the Republican party is running a "campaign based on bigotry."

Sanders spoke of how early in the presidential race, many didn't think his campaign would come this far or do as well as he has.

"We are doing phenomenally well with the people who are the future of this country," said Sanders. "My job in the next 24 hours is to win California."

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In California's Democratic primary, 475 pledged delegates are at stake, more than any other state in the 2016 Democratic nominating season. California's delegate haul represents almost 20 percent of the 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination and almost 12 percent of the 4,038 pledged delegates up for grabs in 2016.

Sanders said the future of his campaign will be determined by the result of the California primary. He did say that four superdelegates have committed to switch from Hillary Clinton to Sanders and that he is having private conversation with more.

His next big event will a huge rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco featuring several bands, including Dave Matthews. That campaign event begins at 5 p.m.

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Clinton is now just shy of the number of delegates she needs to claim the Democratic nomination.

She and her husband, Bill, are both in California on Monday, trying to rally votes.

Bill has five campaign events scheduled here in the Bay Area while Hillary will be in southern California.

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He hosted a rally in Los Angeles Sunday with former Lakers players. He was also in Hayward City Hall for Monday morning rally. He will be at the Joseph Lee Recreation Center in San Francisco at 5:30 p.m.

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