Oakland leaders react to Biden's violence prevention plan in wake of deadly Lake Merritt shooting

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Local leaders in Oakland reacted to President Biden inviting the Oakland police chief to meet with him on gun violence.

Overall, they said they would welcome any federal funding after a weekend Juneteenth celebration was marred by violence.

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Oakland tallied up it's 60th homicide after a weekend shooting that left one young man dead and seven others wounded.

Councilmember Carroll Fife spoke out forcefully at a lakeside vigil Tuesday night, and while she was happy the police chief met with the President of the United States, she has concerns about redirecting funds away from coronavirus relief.

"If we're talking about redirecting COVID relief funds, from those directly impacted and struggling, I would be extremely concerned," she said. "I think it could potentially be useful, but I would like to know a lot more. I'm not sure pumping dollars from the top down is the direction we need to go."

City council member Nikki Fortunato Bas added, "It's not the number of police on the street that will prevent violence. It's intervening when they are young people, way before it even happens."

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She wants to spend more money on recreation, libraries, summer jobs and more.

"The biggest challenge I have right now in Oakland has to do with housing. Housing," Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo said. "Because people who are released from prison are coming into Oakland, and are out on the streets and don't have a place to live, don't have a job and get in negative activity, and that's where you've seen the gang activity grow here dramatically."

Oakland city council members met with the police chief to discuss his conversation with the President as they prepare a final budget that includes more local funding for violence prevention not just policing.

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