LA's first pro-Black pop culture and collectibles store in Carson

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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Best friends open a collectibles shop
Best friends open a collectibles shop.Two high school friends shared a love of collecting actions figures and comic books, but found it hard to find toys that looked like them. Now, they've started the new shop Black Star Collectibles in Carson

LOS ANGELES -- "We're going to really, really give the people a grand experience into the comic and toy biz," said Kareem Burton, co-owner of Black Star Collectibles. "The concept of the store just came from just realizing that there wasn't the representation of people of color in this field."

Co-Owner Feon Cooper says they wanted to have one centralized place where people could find Black toys, including Barbies and dolls. Over the years, as long-time collectors of toys, they found themselves searching in different places to find action figures and comic-related superheroes that looked like them. Cooper and Burton say many customers are filled with pride and gratitude, coming in to express their 'thank you' for having a store that represents people of color.