VIDEO: Surveillance cameras capture man accused in LSD-fueled rampage, police shooting in Bodega Bay

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Videos released of suspect in Bodega Bay LSD-fueled rampage, police shooting
The newly released videos show the startling events that unfolded after a San Francisco man took four doses of LSD and then went on drug-fueled rampage in a quiet Bodega Bay neighborhood on the 4th of July weekend.

BODEGA BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- New shocking videos have been released of a San Francisco man going an LSD-fueled rampage before being shot by Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies in Bodega Bay on the 4th of July.

32-year old Betai Koffi, a Stanford graduate and engineer at Youtube, was shot by deputies three times while driving a truck he allegedly stole from a neighborhood security guard.

He is facing two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and carjacking after going on a drug-fueled rampage.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department released a video update on Youtube on Tuesday as part of their ongoing investigation.

The features several new and never before seen video clips including calls between Koffi's friends and 9-1-1 dispatch, surveillance videos from homes where the rampage took place and officer-worn body cameras that captured the shooting.

According to investigators, Koffi and five friends had rented a house in Bodega Bay for the long July Fourth weekend.

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Koffi's friends told investigators he consumed two hits of LSD and became delusional.

They were able to calm him down, but a short time later Koffi took two additional hits of LSD and that's when things got out of control.

Friends told investigators, Koffi tried to leave the house around 8 pm, punched a woman at the house, stabbed a man with a pencil and choked another man.

He got out of the house, into his rental car and backed into a parked car before crashing into the garage of their rented house and then running down the street.

The 9-1-1 call featured in the Sheriff's video occurred at that time.

"We're really worried about him honestly," pleads an unidentified friend to the dispatcher.

The friend then tells the dispatcher that Koffi had threatened suicide saying, 'He thought he was already dead... and that nothing mattered.'

"But we thought it was just, you know, drugs taking at the time," explained the unidentified friend.

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The next video featured in the clip shows Koffi being contacted by a private neighborhood security guard.

According to investigators, Koffi picked up a landscaping stake and stabbed the security guard with it, before knocking him to the ground.

The incident is captured on the video and the guard can be heard screaming for help.

"Help, code 30! Officer down. He's taking off in our patrol vehicle."

Koffi then got into the security guard's truck and sped away.

The third clip shows Koffi in the truck hitting a man and a woman who were walking on the side of the road. The woman goes flying down the hill while a piece of the truck flies up in the air. Seconds later in the corner of the video Koffi can be seen driving off the road and toward another couple who were standing on a bluff, hitting that woman.

All three people did not suffer serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Investigators say Koffi kept driving, into a wall and through yards.

The final clip in the video captures the end of the chase on Pelican Loop and the deputy-involved shooting.

A CHP officer and Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy got there about the same time and say Koffi tried to run down both officers.

The video shows the truck turning and coming toward the officers.

The deputy yells out of Koffi to stop and then he fires several shots.

In the video, the security guard's truck can then be seen smashed up against the CHP SUV.

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Investigators say at least three bullets hit him through the windshield of the security guard's truck.

"I shot him multiple times," the deputy can be heard saying on the video. "I don't know where I hit him... multiple shots to the head I think."

Deputies then remove him from the truck and begin giving Koffi medical aid at which point he can be heard telling deputies, "Please kill me, please kill me."

According to Sheriff's investigators, Koffi was then flown to a hospital where he received additional treatment.

He faces multiple charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and carjacking.

Koffi went before a judge Thursday inside a hospital room where's he's recovering on July 11, but did not enter a plea.

The arraignment was continued until August 14th. Koffi's bail has been set at $2.35 million.

"It sounds like someone who took LSD, had a bad trip if you will and reacted. But I haven't had a conversation with him, about what went through his mind or what he remembers," said Koffi's attorney Steve Gallenson.

"He's a person that has zero criminal record, never been given a speeding ticket, never committed any crimes. His friends were completely shocked by his behavior," Sonoma County Sheriff's Sgt. Brandon Cutting told ABC7 News on July 10.

Sheriff Mark Essick say the incident and the shooting remains under investigation and that it could take many months for a final conclusion to be drawn.

To watch the full unedited video from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department click here: (WARNING- The video is VERY Graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.)