7 On Your Side helps man with suspended DirecTV service bill

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A North Bay man thought he suspended his TV contract, but he needed help from 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney. (KGO-TV)

If you're out of town for an extended time, you might not want to pay for services like internet or trash pickup. A North Bay man thought he suspended his TV contract, but he needed help from 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney.

The confusion began when a sales person told him one thing, and corporate headquarters billed him for another. The deal he thought he got didn't happen.

Bob Heller likes his DirecTV, but he only needs it six months of the year

"I have two homes one in Northern California, one in Southern California," said Bob Heller.

He wants the service on while he's in Novato, and off while he's down south.

Bob said a DirecTV salesperson stationed at Costco told him he could suspend service for the six months he's gone. He also offered a $38 monthly discount for the time his service is turned back on.

"It worked fine. I had suspension of service for that six months," said Heller.

However, the shock came after service was restored this summer. Bob's bill went from $65 per month, to $102.

"They took away the promotional discount," said Heller.

Bob contacted DirecTV saying the discount was supposed to carry over.

"I called the accounting department they said there was nothing they could do. I talked to customer service they said there's nothing they could do," said Heller.

Heller says it wasn't the extra cost that bothered him.

"It's about principle. When a representative for a company makes an agreement, the company must stand behind that agreement," said Heller.

Heller contacted 7 On Your Side. We asked DirecTV about his bill. A spokesperson said his discount expired after one "calendar year." However, Bob qualified for a new discount of $40 per month.

DirecTV said: "We work hard to ensure our customers are aware of first year discount expirations and new monthly pricing. Sales agents are trained to cover this information at the point of sale and include it in the order confirmation."

Bob's just glad we asked about it. "I'm glad they listened too. You're on my side."

If a salesman makes you an offer, make sure you confirm it in writing. DirecTV says customers are supposed to receive an email containing terms of their agreements. Make sure that happens before you go forward.
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