Black Friday shoppers brave long lines for deals in Colma

ByTiffany Wilson KGO logo
Friday, November 24, 2017
Black Friday shoppers brave long lines for deals
Bargain hunters wrapped around the block at the Best Buy in Colma this morning. The line was one of many in the Bay Area as shoppers hunted for the best deals.

COLMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Not a single person was in line at the Target in Colma just 30 minutes before the doors opened. By the time 6:00 a.m. rolled around, a couple dozen people had gathered. They gave a small cheer and then casually entered the store - nothing like the stampedes from bygone Black Fridays.

A Target manager says the lack of crowds can be misleading because the store was open for six hours on Thanksgiving. During that time, the location raked in half a million dollars. That's about twice the sales of a typical full day. Electronics, especially televisions, Google Home and Beats by Dre headphones were the big sellers. "Target had the best deal, that's why we're here at six," said one customer.

The Colma Target is prepared for another busy day. The location has more than 200 employees working and that is more than double an average day.

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Pacifica resident, Ashlyn Collins, has a baby due next month and this shopping trip is helping her prepare. "I came out to buy a baby monitor that was half off." Her sister, Analise Tello, joined her. "I'm actually really surprised of how not crowded it is," said Tello. "Which is great. We can get what we want, go in and out, have easy access to things."

Over at Best Buy, bargain hunters wrapped around the block just before the store opened at 8:00 a.m. Frederick Lazo arrived four hours earlier and was the first in line. "My parents wanted a TV. They said go get this TV. You know it's once a year, I don't mind." This is his tenth Black Friday experience. "The lines are way shorter. There's a lot less drama, less fighting, it's a lot calmer." Lazo says that's great because the deals are just as good.

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