'Feeling good': GOP still optimistic despite polls showing CA recall going Newsom's way

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
GOP still optimistic despite polls show recall going Newsom's way
Those who support the recall of Governor Newsom are still confident that their voters will show up on election day, and in big numbers.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The polls may be showing that Governor Newsom's lead is growing, but those who support the recall are still confident that their voters will show up on election day, and in big numbers.

With barely 24 hours to go, recall organizers in Fairfield reminded their volunteers why they're working to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom.

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"Feeling good." said Jessica Millan Patterson, California Republican Party Chairperson, as she stood outside the Solano County GOP Headquarters. "You know we saw in the last election cycle, are turning out later and later in the cycle, so election day is critical to us and we're out here knocking on doors making phone calls, sending text messages and turning out our voters."

Tamika Hamilton arrived with her two young children to do her part.

"The main thing for the Black community is schools and school choice, and Zoom was just a huge problem for so many kids, including mine," said Hamilton, "and Gavin Newsom was sending his kids to private school while our schools were closed."

GOP frontrunner Larry Elder spent his day down in Southern California, trying to convince voters, including democrats, to vote for him.

"What they afraid of is that Larry Elder, from the hood who attended a public schools is going to break that strangle hold democrats have had over black and brown parents, specifically over the issue of school choice," Elder told supporters.

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In the meantime, another GOP candidate John Cox made a quick stop in Yountville, at a restaurant, the French Laundry he calls the genesis of the entire recall effort.

"We've got Mr. Newsom as the entitled rich, good looking governor," Cox told reporters.

Cox still believes the recall has a chance and that he does too.

"At least our last poll showed that undecided was leading," said Cox. "So I think there's still people undecided and I think there's still people waiting to vote, even today."

Though the Bay Area could well decide the recall, Cox and Elder both plan to spend the final day of the campaign in Southern California.

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