California Academy of Sciences reveals the secret life of bugs

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022
It's a bug's world at the California Academy of Sciences
There's something exciting buzzing at the California Academy of Sciences!

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There's something exciting buzzing at the California Academy of Sciences! The "Bugs" exhibit reveals the secrets of insects and arthropods with dazzling, interactive activities.

Accounting for up to 90% of all animal species on Earth, these critters are often misunderstood.

"There's sometimes fear, they're sometimes thought of as creepy. And when you come into the exhibit, you really learn about how amazing they are," explained Paige Ladueinsky, the Senior Exhibit Content Developer, California Academy of Sciences.

From immersive activities that get you thinking to hands-on games that encourage movement, Bugs inspires curiosity about the creatures among us.

Come face to face with larger than life-sized models of bugs for an up close and personal look at the vital role they play in the natural world. Guests can interact with giant replicas of the Orchid Mantis, a Japanese honey bee hive, and more.

"My biggest hope for our visitors to take away from this exhibit is really the importance of bugs for the planet and for helping regenerate the natural world," said Ladueinsky. "I think that helping flip the perceptions of bugs on its head and coming to recognize the importance of these amazing creatures is one of our big takeaways."

For more information about the Bugs exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, visit here.