Hundreds call into CPUC hearing as AT&T proposes end to CA landlines

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Hundreds call in for CPUC hearing on AT&T landlines
More than 200 people phoned in to a CPUC hearing Tuesday to share their opinions on AT&T's proposals to remove landline services in California.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- More than 200 callers phoned in to a California Public Utilities Commission hearing Tuesday afternoon to share their opinions on AT&T's proposals to remove its obligation to provide landline services in California.

AT&T tells ABC7 News it is not cancelling landline service in California and that for customers who do not have alternative options available yet, it will continue to provide existing voice service as long as needed. Also that it will work with the remaining customers who use traditional landline service to upgrade to newer technologies. Still, there are strong opinions on both sides regarding whether the CPUC should approve AT&T's proposals.

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"I was recently upgraded by AT&T to fiber and I've experienced nothing but better phone quality, more reliability and now my internet is much, much faster and improved and so I want to make sure that the commission hears that there's a lot of folks out here that really want to modernize and move to the new technology," said Dan Vozenileki who supports AT&T's proposal.

"Is there any discussion of another company actually taking control in maintaining copper landline service if AT&T doesn't want to do it anymore? Landlines are base communication, voice and cell are not secure and when they go out which they both have recently - there's no communication. Why do that, leaving people vulnerable?" said Michael Carroll who opposes AT&T's proposal.

AT&T says fiber and wireless-based networks are faster, more reliable and require less maintenance over time. The application with the CPUC is the first step of a multi-year process to phase out copper-based landline phone service as demand declines.

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