Tuition to increase 6% for next 5 years at all California State University schools starting in 2024

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Thursday, September 14, 2023
Tuition to increase 6% at all 23 CSU schools starting next year
The California State University board approved a 6% tuition hike for the next five years starting next year.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- California State University's Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to raise tuition costs at all 23 state schools starting next year.

Trustee after trustee spoke in Long Beach, California Wednesday to discuss raising tuition costs by 6 percent for the next five years.

"The motion carries 15 yeas, 5 nays, 0 abstentions."

That was the final vote from the California State University Board of Trustees to raise the the cost of tuition.

A vote that will directly impact students and parents who had adamantly been against the multi-year plan. One that would increase tuition by $342 next year and nearly $2,000 by 2028.

"I'm pissed! It's already going to affect us in the most negative way possible. I'm already in immense debt for what the CSU costs right now," said San Francisco State University student Kailey.

"I don't feel like that price increase is justifiable based on what I'm offered here on campus," said Keith Benedict who also attends San Francisco State University.

Several trustees have stated that they feel as though they don't have a choice on this issue.

"I reluctantly support raising tuition because for the moment I don't feel we have found an alternative path," said CSU Trustee Leslie Gilbert Lurie.

"The fact is if we don't do this if we don't do this there is no alternative path we can pursue so in that spirit that is why I'll be voting yes for this reluctantly," said another trustee.

"This isn't easy, and it shouldn't be but this must be done," said a trustee.

A PowerPoint graph displayed during the meeting showed past tuition increases at CSU schools, including San Francisco State, San Jose State, Sonoma State, and Cal State East Bay. On it you can see that there has been just one tuition increase in the past 12 years and trustees say campuses need to be better taken care of.

"If we don't do this we'll go through the reserves then we'll start cutting jobs, faculty, and staff and cutting courses," said CSU Trustee Jack McGrory.

SFSU students we talked with say they've already seen courses cut.

At least one student trustee voiced his displeasure with the opinions from other trustees.

"All I can say is that the feeling and vibe I get in this room is ominous doom!"

At least one student told us they are fearful of possibly having to drop out of school due to future costs, but a majority of board members still believe the decision to increase tuition had to be made.

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