Mystery shipwreck discovered in Lake Michigan near Chicago

ByCasey Klaus Localish logo
Friday, October 23, 2020
Mystery shipwreck discovered near Chicago
A group of scuba divers are working to identify a previously unknown shipwreck they discovered in Lake Michigan near Chicago.

CHICAGO -- A group of local scuba divers have found a previously unknown shipwreck in Lake Michigan near Chicago. They have an idea of what they've found, and by continued diving and research they hope to confirm the wreck's identity.

At the same time, these divers are working to keep the artifacts on this wreck site from being stolen. The number and quality of artifacts on this site is why this mystery shipwreck is believed to be previously unknown. Artifacts are often stolen, even though it is illegal to take anything off of a shipwreck in the Great Lakes. The hope is that others will respect this site so that divers may continue to enjoy this wreck and its historical artifacts.