EXCLUSIVE: Elderly couple assaulted, robbed day after Christmas in Oakland's Chinatown

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A brazen assault and robbery on two seniors just one day after Christmas in Oakland's Chinatown is prompting community leaders to make some changes.

In videos you'll see only on 7, watch as a married couple in their 70s are followed, as they leave a friend's jewelry shop on Franklin Street.

The man in this video told anchor Dion Lim the suspect appeared well-dressed and suddenly drew a gun and demanded his wife's purse. She was pushed to the ground as they both fell. Another video, also used in the police investigation shows the perpetrator run to a nearby getaway car, purse in hand.

Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce says crime was down in the neighborhood before the holidays and he will be lobbying for more protections to keep people safe.

"Not only are we needing more police presence in the community, we need to install additional cameras and license plate readers because it has proven successful in many cities."

The male victim in this case said Oakland feels like "a broken society" after COVID and went on to say "fortunately we got bruised but have no broken bones or anything serious. Mentally we are really scared." The man also said he doesn't believe defunding the police is the way to keep the community safe and is grateful his four children are nearby and can deliver groceries and help with errands.

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