'This is just me being me': Crossing guard's dance moves while directing traffic go viral

Cpl. Eric Hudson is a Cleveland, Ohio native

ByTaneisha Cordell, WEWS
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Crossing guard's dance moves while directing traffic go viral
A Cleveland Clinic police officer's dance moves while directing traffic have gone viral in Ohio.

CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland Clinic police supervisor has gone viral again because of his dance moves.

Cpl. Eric Hudson has been helping caregivers and the community start their day off right while helping them safely cross the street, WEWS reported.

While his love for music and freestyle live on from his past, Hudson's mission while volunteering to cover cross guard shifts is to simply pay it forward.

"You'd be surprised with the caregivers, how many of them hug me (and) they break down. They're crying in my arms, 'thank you I needed this.' So, that's what gives me joy. When I come here, I love giving that energy, and it reciprocates back to me. I love it," Hudson said.

Hudson, who is a Cleveland native, said showing love is what helped him through dark days on the job.

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"It weighs on you every day. You come in, and you have to put your life on the line, and there's a scrutiny, so it drains you because you don't feel appreciated," he said.

Though, as Hudson says, there's a reason in the season: Every day he chooses to live and groove in his purpose.

"This is just me being me. I love it. I love my community," he said.

But these bright days are not met without a little competition from the community who loves him back.

Hudson has been with the clinic for 18 years.

He started off as a security officer, and now he's reached stardom.