PHOTOS: Fans pack Houston stadium for USA-Argentina Copa America semifinals

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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HOUSTON -- From the youngest fans to some of the loudest ones, team USA and Texas native Clint Dempsey had a lot of support.

USA fan Danielle Kraus said, "Defense, defense. We've got the fans to support us so it's going to be fun."

It was red, white and blue from head to toes. But there was no shortage of Argentina blue.

Paula Martinez waved her flag shouting, "Argentina wins today!"

Argentina has a roster that includes Lionel Messi, who's called the best soccer player in the world. Some even say he's the best in more than a generation.

"Messi is on another level, Dempsey is one below. Messi will be too much for USA," Argentina fan Jessie Arredondo said.

Paula Martinez added, "Our dream has always been to see Messi so that's what we are here to see."

It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for many in Houston, even if you just turned 13.

USA fan Seth Mitchell said, "An amazing birthday present."

Mitchell has been a soccer fan for most of his life.

"We're so excited. We've watched every COPA game on the TV, it's exciting to be here and we love America, but we're also excited about seeing Messi play too," his mom Heather added.

No matter who gets to wave the victory flag, many fans felt it's a win just being in the stands.

"Everybody likes Messi, not for only Argentina. Messi is Messi, the best player in the world," said an Argentina fan.

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