Shoppers binge buying produce during COVID-19 pandemic, wholesalers say there's plenty of food

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- Many people have been stocking up on toilet paper and prepared foods amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Bay Area produce distributors say residents are also binge buying fresh food.

ABC7 News was at Carcione's Fresh Produce Company in South San Francisco where grocery stores get their supplies.

Employees say there was a rush after six Bay Area counties announced a shelter-in-place in place order on March 16. The next day got even more crazy.

Potatoes, onions and bananas have been some of the most popular items because of their longer shelf life. However, Carcione's is running low on bananas because they only grow so fast. "We are trying to encourage people to keep buying to a regular pace," said Frank Cavaz. "Then that way the supply chain won't fall apart that's when we will start having shortages we have been communicating with growers and shippers. They aren't having trouble getting product we need to go back to a normal buying schedule to keep everything smooth."

While grocery stores are getting slammed with customers, many restaurants are trying to figure out what to do with their product. Employees at Carcione's told ABC7 News some restaurants are asking if they can buy back produce.

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