'Absolutely no playdates': UCSF pediatrician urges families, kids to stay home amid coronavirus pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The stay at home order has been tough on all of us here in the Bay Area especially families with kids, who may be anxious to hang out with their friends, but the advice from doctors: stay home.

"My son is saying, mom, my friends are getting together, I say, honey, we've got to do what's right for our family," said Tammi Welch.

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That's the speech Tammi Welch from Martinez has been giving to both her teenage kids during the CoronaVirus stay at home order.

Other than some outdoor exercise with the family, she's keeping both kids home, it's not an easy call.

"Your dad and I know keeping you and your sister home is the best thing we can do, I am over saying that," Welch added.

"Absolutely no playdates, no need for play dates," said Dr. Lisa Dana.

Dana is a San Francisco pediatrician and part of the clinical faculty at UCSF. She says it's the biggest question from parents concerned about COVID19, can my kids hang out with friends? The answer is no, social distancing applies to them too.

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"Children can absolutely get coronavirus, they don't have the same symptoms, sometimes mild but they can pass it along to parents and grandparents," said Dana.

And if your child injures themselves on a bike or skateboard, they may have to go the the ER, where doctors and nurses are already overwhelmed.

"We want to make sure we are reserving it for the patients who have Covid-19 who need to be seen urgently in ERs," Dana added.

Many Bay Area parks and skate parks are closed along with schools.

Retired teacher Sue Hammond reached out to ABC7 News to say we all need to hunker down at this difficult time.

"We're sacrificing the value of the classroom, so let's keep social distance for what it's meant for," Hammond said.

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