Coronavirus impact: Spartan Barber Shop owner looking forward to re-opening after pandemic

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Thursday, March 26, 2020
Spartan Barber Shop owner looking forward to re-opening after pandemic
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Spartan Barber Shop owner Frank Annino has never had to close down for a long period of time until now. While he is complying with the Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders in the Bay Area, he will open back up as soon as things clear.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Spartan Barber Shop has been a staple for San Jose State Students since 1957 when Frank Annino opened his doors.

But for the first time in his more than 60 year run, he is closed down for an unforeseen amount of time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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"Well at first, I worked for a little while," Annino said. "Then some guy where I live said that most barbers are closing and so I don't get fined I better close up. So I decided to close. I thought that I was going to lose some wages but luckily I got a little bit put away and hopefully it will come out alright."

Annino was born in 1933 and got his barber license at 17 years old before serving in the military.

Upon returning, he got the keys to his location on South Fourth Street and has been cutting hair for all sorts of Spartans ever since.

"Well the Smother's Brothers used to come in here and Jeff Garcia used to come in," Annino said. "This team here, the whole San Jose State football team used to come to me. David Quessenberry used to come in all the time. I've had a few celebrities that came in through the years."

While he has seen plenty of faces pass by his two barber chairs in his time, he hasn't seen anything like COVID-19.

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But that hasn't stopped his positive outlook.

Annino held out for as long as he could before shutting down amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but he says once this thing is all over, he will open his doors once again.

"I'll probably work for as long as I'm healthy and so far I'm pretty healthy," Annino said. "If I don't work I get bored, so I just keep working. So far I haven't gotten bored and I hope that I can get back pretty quick. I hope that everything gets back to normal and no one really dies from it. I'll be back as soon as they give me the word and I'll be back in business."