Cardboard wedding party? Mountain View couple gets crafty recreating big day during pandemic

SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS (KGO) -- A Mountain View couple decided to get creative when the coronavirus pandemic blew up their wedding plans.

Anne and Brian Emery decided to elope when their planned wedding didn't happen, but they still found a way to include some very important people, even if they couldn't be there in person.

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So, as part of their idea to recreate the the original plans, they got crafty with cardboard cutouts.

With help from a groomsman, they had individual photos of their wedding party made, and brought them to their planned wedding venue in the Santa Cruz Mountain last weekend.

The cutouts were used to stage photographs at the alter, with the newly weds behind them.

The photos of the wedding party were actually so small, they were fastened to a baguette to get them to stay in place.

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