Bay Area nonprofit wants to hear from COVID 'long haulers' to provide resources to them

Survey is anonymous and open now through the end of the year

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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Bay Area nonprofit wants to hear from COVID 'long haulers'
Nonprofit Breathe California is currently looking to hear from people experiencing "long COVID symptoms."

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The omicron variant has been top of mind for many as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

But many are still suffering effects of COVID from before new variants began to emerge.

A Bay Area organization is trying to shed light on their struggle and get more resources to them.

COVID symptoms can be debilitating for many who test positive for the virus.

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Most people with COVID-19 get better within weeks but some experience symptoms for months after, the Centers for Disease Control says.

It's what they call post-COVID conditions or long COVID.

It can happen even if the initial COVID experience was mild or if you didn't have symptoms at first.

"We're finding that many, many people are having symptoms, well past the time that they would expect to be over COVID," said Margo Sidener.

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Sidener is with the nonprofit Breathe California of the Bay Area, Golden Gate and Central Coast.

They're currently looking to hear from people experiencing long COVID symptoms.

The CDC says those symptoms could include fatigue, headache, difficulty thinking or concentrating, shortness of breath, cough and more after four or more weeks of being infected.

"Sometimes people hesitate to report these things to their health care providers, because they feel silly saying, 'Oh, I just, I'm just in kind of a brain fog,'" said Sidener.

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Breathe California says their survey is anonymous and open now through the end of the year.

It walks you through the symptoms to help determine whether or not you may be considered a "COVID long hauler."

The information collected gives Breathe California the data they hope can be used to advocate for more resources.

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"We do want to be able to report back to the county that is looking at long-haul problems, and also to the community to say, "here's what we found," Sidener said.

They also hope the survey and their work send a message to anyone suffering from long COVID symptoms.

"One of the big things we want people to know is that they're not alone," Sidener said.

Here's a link to the Bay Area Breathe California survey and resources if you're suffering from those COVID long-haul symptoms.