Scam steals dogs, puts them up for sale on Craigslist

HOUSTON (KGO) -- A growing scam on Craigslist has people stealing a neighbor's dog then putting it up for sale.

We've seen victims who recognize their bike for sale on Craigslist but now some pet owners say they've seen their dog for sale.

Surveillance video shows dogs swiped right out of the owners' yards, stuffed in trunks and then carried away.

Now many stolen dogs are showing up on Craigslist.

A woman in Texas recognized her dog in an ad seven months after it disappeared. "I finally very slowly realized, oh my gosh, this is really Sushi. I said, Kara, this is your dog," the woman said.

The woman used a computer chip reader to confirm it was her dog then bought it back for the $250 asking price.
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