Diamond ring protection plan lost during North Bay wildfires

WINDSOR, Calif. (KGO) -- A Windsor couple did everything they could during the North Bay Wildfires to prepare for the approaching flames. But in the end, they needed 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney to save something that holds a lot of good memories.

This multi-diamond ring has a special meaning to Debbiie White, who spells her first name with two "I's."

She bought it with her husband Rick to celebrate the success of the tax firm they opened together in 2007.

"Oh my gosh. It means a lot," said Debbiie. "It was the first ring my husband got me when we went out on our own, business wise."

As the fire approached, authorities put their hometown of Windsor under an evacuation advisory.

That meant they could be ordered to leave at any time.

"So we rounded up all the kitties into the motor home and all of our personal belongings and paintings and everything, as much as we could cram into the motor home," she said.

Among those items was the Lifetime Protection plan they bought for their ring.

"If any of the diamonds fell out, we'd be responsible for the cost of replacing them, or if there's any damage to the ring, again," said Rick. "With the warranty, its covered as part of Zale's guarantee."

The Whites count themselves among the lucky ones. Their home escaped the flames and there was never a need to evacuate.

Unfortunately they lost that warranty in all the chaos surrounding the fire.

"We have no clue. We have torn apart our garage. We tore apart the car. We've tore apart the motor home. I mean everywhere," said Debbiie.

She contacted Zales hoping they could print a copy of her warranty, but the company told her they did not have a copy of it.

The company told her it searched for weeks to find any record of it. In the end, it said it could do nothing further.

The Whites contacted 7 On Your Side. We contacted Zales' parent company, Signet.

It told us, "We take all concerns very seriously and work with each customer to come to a satisfactory resolution. I am pleased to share that we have come to a resolution with the customer."

The Whites received a gift card which enabled them to buy a new Lifetime protection plan for their ring.

"Thank you! I appreciate your staff very very much," said Debbiie.

We appreciate you too, Debbiie.

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Written and produced by Randall Yip
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