Dog looks guilty after being caught splashing in swimming pool

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Doggy busted for splashing around in pool
This is cute! Watch what happens when a dog gets busted for playing in the pool.

JENKS, Oklahoma -- Busted!

Baxter the dog was enjoying his dip in the inflatable pool, splashing around, when he suddenly realized he wasn't alone.

Jerry Gordon glanced out of his window and watched his giant Schnauzer having fun and then when Baxter noticed him recording, he made eye contact and stepped out of the pool.

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"Oops! I got caught," Gordon wrote on Facebook.

The dog's reaction was priceless. He retained eye contact with Gordon, then barked and behaved like he did nothing wrong.

Gordon said that Baxter is so full of life and that he is constantly entertaining them.

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