'It's ridiculous': DoorDash worker says many deliveries not worth it with high gas prices

The former math teacher is doing everything in his power to save gas even though he drives a Prius

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Thursday, March 10, 2022
DoorDash worker: Deliveries not worth it with high gas prices
California gas prices continue to jump to new highs and it's impacting gig workers including, DoorDash, who depend on their cars to make a living.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- California gas prices continue to jump to new highs. Now, it's impacting gig workers who depend on their cars to make a living.

To understand how gas prices are impacting workers who rely on their cars for a living, we met up with San Francisco resident Rondu Gantt. He divides his days between driving for Lyft and delivering food for DoorDash.

"I wait to get a pin for a delivery. What I'll do is look at that delivery, I do a quick math equation in my head," said Rondu Gantt.

Three years ago, he was a math teacher, now with California's gas prices averaging $5.44 per gallon, he's relying on math again to decide if a ride is worth it.

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"It just means that you have to count even better. If you know that a trip is a long distance anything over two miles, I need to make $3 per mile if not is not worth it," said Gantt.

Instead of driving around, he waits in a parking lot with several restaurants across the streets. He is doing everything in his power to save gas even though he drives a Prius.

"They are too low paying. It might be like drive five miles for $6. I'm not going to do that it's ridiculous," said Rondu.

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He is now considering to do something else, "Not drive anymore and take other jobs because of how high gas prices are? Of course. Without an increase in our pay. Nobody is that dumb," said Rondu.

Cherri Murphy with Gig Workers Rising. She is hearing of workers leaving ride sharing jobs.

"Now with the additional high gas prices, the impacts of COVID-19 with the low amount of income that is coming in, and proposition 22, I have been hearing stories of workers looking at options," said Murphy.

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Rondu is urging custumers to tip more and for Uber, Lyft and DoorDash to offer more bonuses. In a statement, DoorDash said:

"We are proud to provide Dashers with access to discounts on gas and other car maintenance to help them maximize their earnings, including 2% cashback on gas at any station for DasherDirect cardholders, and making additional car maintenance discounts available for all Dashers. We're always eager to hear from Dashers on ways we can support them and provide meaningful resources on and off the road."

In the meantime, Rondu is being strategic with his deliveries.