Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green convinces kids to eat fruit and veggies

ByKatie Utehs KGO logo
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Warriors' Draymond Green convinces kids to eat fruit and veggies
It can be a challenge for parents to get kids to eat healthy, but when the advice comes from a Golden State Warrior they listen.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It can be a challenge for parents to get kids to eat healthily, but when the advice comes from one of the Golden State Warriors, they listen.

"Welcome, Draymond Green!" say the announcers to a packed auditorium of students at Manzanita Seed Elementary School in East Oakland.

"Growing up as a child I always dreamed of playing in the NBA, but it was a farfetched goal," said Green.

He ate junk food and probably never thought he'd eventually give nutrition advice to children.

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"Potato chips and candy and drink juice that was about it," replied Green when asked what he ate as a child.

Nutrition is learned.

"I didn't know much about fitness at all," said Green.

Now that he plays in the NBA.

"My favorite fruit is oranges and my favorite vegetable is zucchini," said Green.

A recommendation that means more coming from your hero rather than your parents.

"I was like, whoa. It's him. Oh my, God. I was so excited," said Naya Chapman, a second grader at Manzanita Seed Elementary.

"NBA players were like these superhuman figures to me," said Green. He hopes his story resonates with the students.

"For some of these children you're their hero and for them to meet you and touch it goes a long way and their beliefs in themselves," said Green.

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The Get Fit event hosted by the Warriors, Kaiser Permanente, and Playworks included nutrition lesson and activities. The recess games are designed by Playworks and are meant to be inclusive and part of the classroom experience.

"It was really fun and it was a good experience," said Chapman.

While favorite fruits and veggies are a matter of personal taste.

"My favorite veggie is spinach and my favorite fruit is watermelon," said Zoe Moses, a first grader at Manzanita Seed Elementary.

There's one thing we can agree on.

"If you're not helping shape someone else's life, using your platform to help better someone else, what are you really doing?" said Green.

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