There's no limit to what you can create at the Exploratorium's 'Art of Tinkering' exhibit

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Play, invent, repeat at 'Art of Tinkering' exhibit
Get creative, use your imagination, and tinker away at this hand-on Exploratorium exhibit.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tinkering is a way to use your imagination, be creative, and get hands-on! It's all about having unstructured time to invent and explore. And what better place to tinker than at the Exploratorium's newest show, "Art of Tinkering."

"Tinkering is both an approach to learning and something you physically do. So, it's based on this idea of you coming up with an idea based on what you're building, whether it's around light and color, or wind and air, or structures in construction," explained Karen Wilkinson, the Director of Tinkering Studio, Exploratorium.

Sculpt with light and shadow, build (and break) circuits, compose music from junk, and see familiar things used in unfamiliar ways.

"We've included a lot of really fun bright colors and activities that are fit for all ages. Even adults are going to learn something from this as well," explained Sam Sharkland, Program Developer at the Exploratorium. "And it's a really great experience to actually share knowledge and allow these stations you can sit down and work with younger members of your family to kind of problem solve or tinker around as it were with some of the things we have set up."

The activity-packed exhibition has expanded its hours during the summer. The Exploratorium is now open Tuesday through Sunday with evening hours on Thursdays for adults only.

Once you've tinkered away, visit the Exploratorium's gift shop to purchase the book that inspired the exhibition, as well as fun items that keep the learning going after you leave.

"We have tons of things in store that are catered to the exhibit. So, there's tons to learn," explained Kelly Heyer, the Assistant Manager of Visitor Services at the Exploratorium. "We have books and kits and puzzles just so you can explore further at home."

"Humans are learners, and we learn by doing," explained Sharkland. "The way that I think of tinkering is building those life skills and having the freedom to fail, to try and fail, really empowers people to get to that next level of what they want to create in the world."

For more information about Art of Tinkering, visit here.