Stuck with a fallen tree? This Bay Area company wants to turn it into furniture

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Have a fallen tree? This company can to turn it into furniture
Stuck with a fallen tree after the storms? This Bay Area company can repurpose downed trees to make unique pieces of art and furniture.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- The sound of chainsaws and wood chippers can be heard all around the Bay Area right now as neighborhoods clean up all the fallen trees uprooted during the storms.

In San Leandro, a massive, 100-year-old bay tree collapsed in Christina Walker's backyard on New Year's Eve, crashing into the family's shed and playground.

Despite the headache now, Walker feels lucky.

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"If it had fallen every other direction but this one, it would have killed someone," Walker said.

Her story is one of so many like that around the Bay Area following the deluge of storms resulting in thousands of fallen trees. And now the question: What do you do with them?

Enter Nick Harvey.

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Harvey is the founder of Bay Area Redwood, a company that repurposes trees and then uses the wood to make unique pieces of art and furniture. He is working with the Walker family to find creative uses for their beloved bay tree.

"Throughout this entire tree I see opportunity," Harvey explained.

"You can't lose a 100+ year-old tree and just chip it and throw it in a pile somewhere," Walker said, "It has to have meaning."

You can contact Bay Area Redwood to see if Harvery can work with you to take away or repurpose your downed tree.

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