Pacifica woman has 1st floor of home flooded after waves crash into it from weekend storm

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Monday, January 9, 2023
Pacifica woman has 1st floor of home flooded from weekend storm
Waves crashed into Dustine Chamberlin's Pacifica home on Thursday, flooding her first floor.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Waves crashed into Dustine Chamberlin's Pacifica home on Thursday, flooding her first floor.

"That wave broke through, so it went past the Jeep that was here parked, and it went past the car and the wave went into the garage and broke that whole door," said Chamberlin, who was inside when it happened.

Her husband, David, captured videos of the waves slamming into their house across the street from the ocean. Waves crashed over the pier, onto the sidewalk and street.

"For me, you can replace all the objects and everything," Chamberlin said. "I just wanted to make sure that me and the neighbors and our cats were safe and get out if I had to."

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Their nextdoor neighbors said their home also flooded.

Friday, crews continued the cleanup in Pacifica.

Some parts of Beach Boulevard near the pier were full of sand after ocean water flowed into the street. Crews worked on cleaning up the road because of the sloppy mess.

Waves kept crashing over the pier Friday, getting onto the nearby sidewalk and road.

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The National Weather Service extended a high surf warning Friday morning and urged people to stay out of the water because of life-threatening surf conditions. Many went to the Pacifica Municipal Pier to see the big waves.

"It's actually really beautiful to watch these giant waves," said Pacifica resident Toben Dilworth. "You don't really get an opportunity to see it like this very often."

"They're pretty huge," Pacifica resident Chloe McNab said. "They're getting a little too close for comfort."

With more rain in the forecast in the coming days, Dustine Chamberlin is just hoping this doesn't happen again.

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"I'm just thankful the neighbors came together and all the work crews and hopefully this won't happen again," Chamberlin said. "We'll have some mitigation at the coast or better seawalls or whatever, but when it's 25 to 30 foot waves, there was nothing you can do at that point. The amount of sandbags we had, that wasn't going to help."

She's keeping everything in perspective, despite the stress she's feeling right now.

"Overwhelming, but we're all still here," Chamberlin said.

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