Frisco Five calling for new city-wide protest against SFPD killings

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A hunger strike aimed at getting San Francisco Police Department Chief Greg Suhr fired is over, but the Frisco Five pledged to continue taking action by calling for a new city-wide protest against police brutality in San Francisco Monday.

The so-called Frisco Five called off their 17-day hunger strike Saturday. The group was admitted to UCSF Medical Center because of declining health. The announcement came hours after religious leaders offered them a prayer for strength. "They've served our community so well by lifting up so much anger and pain because of the way people in our communities have been treated by law enforcement," Episcopal Church of St. John Father Richard Smith said.

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The group demanded the firing of San Francisco Police Department Chief Greg Suhr after two shooting deaths of minorities by police.

On Friday night, protesters who supported the Frisco Five stormed san Francisco City Hall, and refused to leave. A total of 33 protesters were arrested.

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Now, the Frisco Five are generating a message on social media, calling an all-day protest at San Francisco City Hall on Monday.

Candidate Jon Golinger said an early voting rally will be postponed in honor of the group and their message. "We decided to honor the Frisco Five, hunger strikers, who put their bodies on the line, and the thousands of people who were going to show up tomorrow to support them, we would postpone our event," San Francisco Democratic Committee candidate Jon Golinger said.

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The Frisco Five are calling for a general strike in San Francisco asking citizens to boycott work, school and avoid spending money at big box retailers.

However, some people can't promise their support. "That's not going to happen, we need to survive, we need to pay our rent and our bills, everyone is living from paycheck to paycheck," Colma resident Angel Talavera said.

"I think that's a nice wish, but I think for most people they can't afford to not go to school, they can't afford to miss their job, we have other problems here besides injustice," San Francisco resident Tanya Thorton said.

The protest at San Francisco City Hall is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m on Monday.
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