Gov. Newsom talks climate change amid state's wildfires at Democratic National Convention: 'Climate change is real'

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Friday, August 21, 2020
Newsom talks climate change amid CA wildfires at DNC 2020
Here's a preview to Thursday night's Democratic National Convention, which will include Gov. Gavin Newsom and Warriors' Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry.

CENTRAL COAST, Calif. (KGO) -- California Governor Gavin Newsom said it himself: He never thought he would deliver his Democratic National Speech through a taped cellphone video from outside a wildfire. But as hundreds of fires burn across California, that's exactly what happened Thursday night.

"I confess this is not where I expected to be speaking here tonight," Newsom said, standing in front of redwood trees in Santa Cruz County, a mile or so away from one of the several fires burning in the area.

In his two-and-a-half-minute pre-taped remarks, Newsom highlighted the crisis facing the state and the challenges of climate change -- saying the California fires should give pause to anyone who denies it.

"Climate change is real," he said. "If you are in denial about climate change, come to California."

The Governor also took aim at President Donald Trump, who earlier Thursday criticized the state over its handling of the recent wildfires and threatened to take away funding if the state doesn't "clean the forests."

"Just today, the President of the United States threatened the state of California --- 40 million Americans that happen to live here in the state of California -- to defund our efforts on wildfire suppression, because he said we hadn't raked enough leaves," Newsom said. "Can't make that up."

WATCH: Governor Gavin Newsom discusses climate change in a pre-recorded video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention

California Gov. Gavin Newsom shared a pre-recorded message to endorse Joe Biden amid raging wildfires in his home state.

He said the state of California is a part of 90 lawsuits related to environmental issues.

Newsom recorded the video for the Democratic National Convention after choosing to scrap the video he originally recorded. He recorded ahead of visiting a nearby evacuation center.

The Governor also offered his support of Presidential nominee Joe Biden and California's Senator Kamala Harris for Vice President, saying he as "deep reverence, my admiration" for "their faith, their devotion, their constancy , to their commitment and not just to the environment, but to the commonwealth, to our kids, our kids' kids, our legacy."

Newsom was one of several Democratic speakers scheduled for the the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention, where Biden formally accepted the party's nomination as the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

The line-up also included speeches from Biden's former challengers: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg.