VIDEO: Man's expletive-filled rant toward children's Black Lives Matter chalk drawing caught on camera in San Rafael

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Friday, June 5, 2020
VIDEO: Man's hate-filled rant toward children's chalk-drawing caught on camera in San Rafael
A San Rafael man was caught on camera going on an angry tirade over a child's chalk drawing in support for Black Lives Matter after the killing of George Floyd.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KGO) -- A Marin community is coming together after an angry tirade was caught on camera. The now viral-video shows a man we're choosing not to identify, yell expletives at a group of about 10 adults and children on the evening of June 2 who were using chalk to write message of support for Black Lives Matter after the killing of George Floyd.

The man is seen yelling "F**k you and f**k you...don't let our kids see there's graffiti all over our f**king streets!" He continues to shout "Black lives matter? How about ALL lives matter!?" and at one point aggressively approaches one person.

"I was just kind of taken aback. It was sort of ridiculous and I really wasn't expecting it, honestly." says 18-year-old Jesse Rodriguez.

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His mother Jeanenne Ray was one of several who recorded the incident.

"It was really upsetting and I was scared. I was also scared for my kids," said Ray.

The incident happened at the corner of Marinwood and Milled Creek Road in the Marinwood neighborhood of San Rafael. One day later the intersection is covered in chalk messages because of about 300 people who showed up to denounce what happened on June 2 and to rally for peace.

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"It's amazing! It made me feel proud of this neighborhood... I did not feel proud two days ago!" smiles Ray.

While our calls to the man and his wife were not returned neighbors shared a Nextdoor post they say is the man, apologizing for his actions. While some aren't sure if his apology is sincere, many do believe this incident was a wake-up call.

"We are not immune to racism in Marin. I see a lot of hatred on Nextdoor and I see these threads right now with the title is all lives matter at it infuriates me!" says Julie Auslander who lives nearby.

This experience has been a moment for a much-needed coming together, and lesson in acceptance and love.

"We need to educate people that this is not a moment where we have to be inclusive that all lives matter! This is a moment for African Americans." says Auslander.

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A sentiment, echoed by Ray who sees this as one step forward, not necessarily one step back.

"It seems the tide is turning a little bit and people are well aware. It's definitely a positive thing and something kids can be a proud of to be part of this change."

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