George Floyd death: Clean up underway as looters do damage at businesses in Oakland, Emeryville following demonstrations

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Monday, June 1, 2020
Clean up underway as unlawful demonstration, looting destroys businesses following Oakland protest for 2nd night
On Sunday morning, work crews and volunteers in Emeryville boarded up broken windows and cleaned up ransacked stores following a night of looting on day two of George Floyd protests in Oakland.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Demonstrations are contuining in the Bay Area over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

People were out in Oakland and Emeryville Saturday night, refusing to heed Mayor Libby Schaaf's plea to stay home following Friday night's protest that turned violent and left one federal officer killed, many first responders injured and over 70 storefronts damaged and looted.

"We are struggling with a deadly pandemic. We are under a shelter-in-place order and we ask everyone to stay home, " Schaaf said.

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Instead, demonstrators took to the city Saturday evening where protest became unlawful, the Oakland Police Department said..

Oakland police confirmed Sunday morning that there were three arrests related to Saturday night's demonstrations and six other arrests by outside law enforcement agencies for burglary and looting. The three Oakland police arrests were for burglary, possession of a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon, according to authorities. No law enforcement injuries were reported.

Video from Saturday night shows looters at a 7-Eleven on Bay and 24th Street in Oakland and large crowds of protesters were seen near Grand and Valdez Streets where law enforcement was tracking the march from the ground and sky.

SKY7 also captured looters at Emeryville stores Saturday evening. People were seen running out of Best Buy with televisions, electronic devices and other items in hand and a truck in the parking lot was set on fire. Officials responded to the scene minutes after.

Video also shows looters damaging windows and running out with piles of clothes from Bay Street's H&M and Uniqlo. Garments could be seen scattered around the street.

VIDEO: Fireworks set off as looters hit Uniqlo in Emeryville

Fireworks were set off as looters ran into Uniqlo in Emeryville.

On Sunday, Emeryville Mayor Christian Patz helped clean up with other city leaders around the decathlon. Some delivered plywood to small businesses.

"My city manager, my community service director, my public works director, are out there bringing plywood to small businesses that don't have the ability to hire contractors," Patz said.

He's sad about the destruction, but not surprised.

"We're going to have the story focus on the looting when it really should be about racial inequality. Until we work on these inequities, we shouldn't be surprised of people breaking the law," Patz said.

The mayor also said people shouldn't lose sight that the family of George Floyd is suffering right now.

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"Property we can fix, we can fix all of these windows, we can bring these businesses back - and we'll be stronger, we've gone through this before. But lets treat people well and lets focus in on the human cost - and not so much on property," Patz said.

Phillip McCants and his wife Nagina drove from their home in Hercules help clean up. They were sweeping up shards of glass in the Powel Street Plaza parking lot. Nagina said it was devastating to see the images of the looting last night.

"The people that destroyed our town, they have their own personal agenda. They were not marching or walking peacefully to support what's happening - to us as a nation," Nagina McCants said.

Phillip said he wanted to help and contribute in some way.

"I didn't just want to be on the sidelines watching TV and making my opinions from my couch, I wanted to get involved and play a role in this," he said, adding that the destruction may take away from George Floyd's death, but a part of him understands the destruction made.

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"Sometimes I think people feel that this is the only way they can be heard. It sometimes comes to destruction - it's not something I endorse. I guess I understand where it's coming from," he said.

Patz will not be issuing a curfew. He believes it's too late and will only make the problem worse.

"If you're breaking into stores, being told to stay home isn't going to change that," he said.

In the meantime, in Oakland, hundreds of cars gathered for a car caravan demonstration. SKY7 was there as cars lined up in the city in response to George Floyd's death.

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