Former San Francisco Giants outfielder sues Oracle Park over concussion-related injuries

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Former Giants outfielder sues Oracle Park
Former Giants outfielder sues Oracle Park owner for placement of mounds that led to a career-ending injury.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Former San Francisco Giants outfielder Jonathan "Mac" Williamson filed suit Tuesday against the owner and operator of Oracle Park.

The case arises from the concussion-related injuries Williams suffered when he stumbled over the left field bullpen mound then slammed into the padded wall while trying to catch a foul ball in April of 2018.

Williamson says his life hasn't been the same since suffering the injury, which he claims ended his career.

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"Everybody's career ends at some point, but to have it taken from me because the mounds, the bullpens mounds were unnecessarily placed on the field, is very hard to cope with," said Williamson.

The Giants moved the bullpens from foul territory to behind the center field wall before this past season.

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The team issued a statement saying Williamson's claims shouldn't be resolved through courts, but through "the collectively-bargained grievance process and the workers' compensation system."

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