Gold House Holiday Sale aims to support AAPI entrepreneurs and businesses

Gold House Holiday Sale is featuring a variety of products from companies led by Asian-American entrepreneurs.
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Remember when "Crazy Rich Asians" became a huge box office surprise hit? A lot of people, including the film's Bay Area-born director, credited the efforts of a group called Gold House.

It's an organization working to ensure Asian-American representation and visibility amid rising attacks against the community.

It started with entertainment, and has since moved into art, advocacy, social impact and business.

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Its latest effort comes just in time for the holidays, encouraging people to shop local, and shop Asian-American

It's holding the Gold House Holiday Sale, featuring a variety of products from companies led by Asian-American entrepreneurs.

Two such small business owners appeared on ABC7 News "Getting Answers" Thursday, and told anchor Kristen Sze that many Asian-Americans and minority-owned businesses took a disproportional hit during the pandemic, and this effort to support them comes just in time.

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Nona Lim has an eponymous pan-Asian food line, Nona Lim, inspired by the street food she loved most growing up in Singapore.

Nona Lim has heat and sip cups in flavors like Coconut Lime Chicken Bone Broth and easy Pad Thai and Teriyaki Ramen stir fry kits.

Erica Liu Williams is the founder of Gr8nola. It's great granola, incorporating the lucky number 8 in Chinese culture in the name.

Liu Williams offers up all-natural ingredients with Asian flavors such as Matcha Vibes, Cinnamon Chai, and Golden Spice.

Both say the mentoring and networking provided by Gold House's efforts are important to ensuring that underrepresented entrepreneurs, especially women of color, are able to grow and thrive.

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