How government shutdown could impact SF Fleet Week, Bay Area national parks

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
How government shutdown could impact Fleet Week
The government shutdown could impact San Francisco Fleet Week and Bay Area national parks if a spending bill isn't passed.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's a critical moment for the U.S. government. Congress has until the end of this week to avert a federal government shutdown and to pass a spending bill.

And with no agreement in sight, the fate of San Francisco's Fleet Week may be up in the air.

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For Dena and Jesse Villarreal who are visiting from Grass Valley that's hard to stomach.

"Those are things you look forward to every year to see, especially as a local," said Dena Villarreal.

"That's sad because so many people come here to probably watch it. You probably have hundreds of thousands of people who have made their huge effort to come to sf to see that event," said Jane Goddard who's visiting from Australia.

ABC7 News reached out to the SF Fleet Week Association to ask them what impact a government shutdown would have.

The executive director responded saying, "San Francisco Fleet Week is standing by to take guidance from the Navy and our other military partners. Currently, our staff are continuing planning as usual for the greatest Fleet Week ever. We'll make adjustments as needed as we receive guidance."

With just days to go to pass a spending bill, Congress remains at a standstill. The federal government has started to plan for the possibility of a shutdown.

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That could mean disruptions at our national parks.

Fort Point, Muir Woods, and even trips to Alcatraz could be impacted.

J.J. Ross is visiting from Ireland and his heart is set on seeing Alcatraz.

"It would be very disappointing after coming all this way. It was one of the - I long to see for quite a number of years," said Ross.

Goddard is still trying to grasp the idea of a government shutdown.

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"It seems crazy. In Australia, the government always manages to come to an agreement to get the budget through so people get paid and public servants can go to work," said Goddard.

"I wish they could all work together. That's why our elected officials are there to represent us. We should not have a breakdown in our system," said Dena Villarreal.

Some say the federal government coming to a standstill would hurt San Francisco and its bottom line.

"It's a shame if they have to shut down because of the tourist industry, SF, the local economy, they all count on tourist dollars. If this is all shut down, people won't come," said Jesse Villarreal.

As many as four million U.S. workers could lose pay as a result of a shutdown. About half of those workers are military troops and personnel.

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