Gov. Brown signs bill for mandatory sexual assault sentences

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Brown has signed a bill inspired by the Brock Turner case aimed at preventing sexual assaults. The legislation guarantees three years of prison time for convicted offenders.

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Turner served just three months of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. He has registered as a sex offender in his hometown in Ohio. Turner has three years' probation, during which he'll undergo sex offender treatment.

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Turner was arrested in January 2015 and initially faced 14 years in jail. His short sentence has been criticized and has garnered national attention, including calls to remove Judge Persky, the man who presided over his case.

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Brown also signed a bill permitting sexual assault victims to say in court that they were raped, even if the attack doesn't meet the technical legal definition.

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