California lawmakers denounce Jeff Sessions over immigration lawsuit

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Jerry Brown is calling U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' lawsuit against California a political stunt.

"This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer," said Brown during a news conference in Sacramento, Wednesday.

VIDEO: Gov. Brown calls on Jeff Sessions to apologize to people of California

The Justice Department has filed the suit over California's sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants.

The suit names Governor Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as defendants.

"This is basically going to war against the state of California," said Brown.

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San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell also took to twitter with a strong response.

"SF immigration policies are consistent with federal laws. We honor federal criminal warrants. Our #SanctuaryCity protects hardworking immigrants seeking a better life," said Farrell.

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Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom denounced the lawsuit and Sessions' speech.

"Jeff Sessions just called me an embarrassment. A man whose legacy is targeting immigrants, re-waging the failed War on Drugs, sucking-up to private prison profiteers, and apologizing for white supremacists... I take that as a HUGE compliment," tweeted Newsom.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is also promising action.

"The people of California will not be bowed by the Trump Administration's brazen aggression and intimidation tactics. We will fight this sham lawsuit and will fight all cowardly attacks on our immigrant communities," tweeted Pelosi.

Earlier, Sessions said the Justice Department sued California because state laws are preventing federal immigration agents from doing their jobs.

Sessions strongly criticized Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for her unusual public warning recently of an operation by federal immigration officers. Brown wouldn't comment on that.

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