Warehouse 3540 uplifts local businesses with creative community marketplace

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Support Kauai's small businesses at Warehouse 3540
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Grab a cup of Kauai's best coffee while supporting local creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs.

KAUAI, Hawaii (KGO) -- Local makers thrive at Warehouse 3540 -- and with every visit, you can contribute to the success of small businesses in Kauai.

"We started as an open warehouse, and we were just kind of trying to use it as a community space," explained Ariana Owen, co-founder of Warehouse 3540. "We started to slowly build out small sections and people wanted to rent them. And it was a really safe and affordable way for a lot of really creative people on the island to try out their business."

The space has grown into a creative community marketplace full of local businesses. Visitors can explore goods from local makers and entrepreneurs while sampling Kauai coffee and dishes from the food trucks right out front!

"I feel so blessed to be in here because I get to do what I do. I'm a maker. I weave, I do pottery, and I make soap," said Deborah Tuzon, the owner of Kahanananea at Warehouse 3540. "It has allowed me to do everything that I have a passion for in life. So, it's a win-win."

The space caters to both locals and visitors while fostering community. What stands out the most when visiting the warehouse is the sense of family.

"Usually a visitor never comes just once, they'll come back several times because they just feel comfortable, they feel at home here," explained Laura Hutchinson, the owner Lily Koi. "And because of that most of our customers just become very, very close friends of ours."

For more information about Warehouse 3540, visit here.

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