The Kauai Rum Safari offers immersive, open-air tour with multiple rum tastings

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Friday, September 16, 2022
Sip rum safari style!
Buckle up as you tour the abundant land of Kilohana Plantation with stops for Koloa Rum Mai Tais and more.

KAUAI, Hawaii (KGO) -- Time flies when you're having rum, feeding pigs, and relaxing amidst the abundant beauty of Kilohana Plantation. It's all possible through the one-of-a-kind Kauai Safari Rum Tour.

Buckle up for an immersive, open-air tour that takes visitors through the lush tropical plantation where the spirit is made with tastings along the way. You'll also learn about the history of rum in Hawaii and how Koloa Rum honors this rich legacy.

"We have 600 feet of boardwalk that takes you to what we call our Jungle Bungalow, and that's where we make you our version of the Mai Tai and we do a tasting of Koloa Rum," explained Nick Atkins of Kauai Safaris. "After that, we travel around the plantation a bit more. We visit our animal fields where we have pigs and horses and donkeys and cows, and we give you some feed to feed those guys."

He added, "And then we go to our second stop, where we do a farm-to-glass cocktail."

This special rum cocktail is infused with fruits and seasonal herbs that are grown on the plantation for a sip that embodies the whole tour.

"They're teaching us all about rum and it's so much fun," said visitors Alex & Taylor Hanna. "This is the best vacation we've ever been on together."

Don't miss your chance to interact with and get to know other guests on tour, as well as ask your guides any questions about rum and mixology in this once in a lifetime experience!

For more information about Kauai's Rum Safari Tour, visit here.

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