The Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui encourages visitors to give back through beach clean ups

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Friday, November 11, 2022
Make a difference on your next trip to paradise
Visit paradise while making a difference through the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui.

MAUI, Hawaii (KGO) -- Hawaii is known for its crystal blue waters and its beautiful sandy beaches, but it does take a lot of effort to keep them healthy. The Pacific Whale Foundation strives to bring awareness and public participation to keep Maui clean and vibrant.

"The Earth's set of lungs is the ocean. And we need those lungs to be functional and healthy and working," said Shelby Serra, the Conservation Advocate for Pacific Whale Foundation.

The foundation focuses on monitoring, collecting, and reporting debris found in our oceans. They strive to bring awareness and encourage public involvement from locals and tourists alike. Plus, Pacific Whale Foundation supplies everything you need for a memorable beach cleanup day.

"You pick up the cleanup kit, and we provide the datasheet, the bag, and the gloves. So, there really are no hurdles to participation," said Serra.

She adds, "Typically on what appears to be a clean beach, you'll start looking at the water line, and you'll see microplastics."

These harmful plastics can be ingested by marine life and be absorbed into the food chain.

"Marine debris has a number of problems for wildlife, of course, but also, nobody wants to visit a beach that's covered in trash," said Serra. "In that way, it benefits the community by continuing to keep the beaches free of debris. And then also you're benefiting wildlife by removing the threat."

To get involved in a beach cleanup and learn more, visit here.

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